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Jim Corridon Electric Company's Consumer Tips
Electrical System Planning and House Wiring are Jobs for Professionals.
Call a Qualified, Licensed, Bonded and Insured Electrical Contractor to get the job done correctly.
Have a Licensed Electrical Contractor install your electrical system. - Don't compromise on safety.
Quality Electrical Materials and Professional Workmanship protect your remodeling investment.
When having an addition to your residence have a licensed electrician check the panel box to insure that the ampere capacity of your panel will carry the additional demand of your addition.
Older homes pose additional problems, with fuse panels, overloaded circuits and sometimes faulty wiring. Ask your electrician about replacing that old panel with a convenient circuit breaker panel which protects house wiring against short circuit and overloaded conditions.
To protect people from lethal electric shock G.F.C. Interupters are needed. The National Electrical Code requires G.F.C.I. Protection for Bathroom, Garage and Outdoor receptacles.
G.F.C.I. also protects house wiring from short circuits. This type of G.F.C.I. is conveniently located in the main breaker box or loadcenter.
The addition of many electrical appliances and conviences to our homes has added to the importance of a properly sized loadcenter or panel. Have your licensed electrician check to make sure your panel is sized properly for your home's electrical load.
Proper lighting is not only a convenience but also a safety feature in our home work areas, i.e., Kitchen, Laundry, Basement, Garage and Workshop. Have your licensed electrician check your home and make helpful suggestions to make it more safe and convenient.
Outlets where needed is another convenience. Extension cords are both unsightly and unsafe. Because of the safety factor, The National Electrical Code specifies that…No point along the floor line of any wall space to be more than 6 feet from an outlet.
When investing in a new service, look to the future needs of your family.
Remodeling is an investment in the resale value of a house. A new electrical system can also add to the value by making a good impression on prospective buyers.
The Bitterness of Poor Quality is Remembered Long After The Sweetness of Low Prices is Forgotten.